Why the heated room? How hot is the room?

The room is heated to help stretch deeply and avoid injury. In our heated studios, you can safely work on muscles, tissues, and organs situatied deeper in your body. There is no other experience like it. The yoga room is heated to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


What should I eat before class?

Come well hydrated and on an empty stomach. Try to eat at least 2-3 hours before attending a class.



What should I wear for the class? What else should I bring?

Women wear sports-bra and leotards or shorts. Men should wear shorts and a light t-shirt.  Please bring a sticky yoga mat, a large towel, and plenty of water. You can rent-purchase these items at the studio as well.


I don't do well in the sun. Will I be able to handle the heat?

Our experience tells us that almost all people who have this concern don't have any problem in our classes. Since there is no exposure to UV radiation, practicing Hot Yoga is very different from being out on a hot sunny day. Ample prior hydration and replenishment of electrolytes will make your practice more enjoyable. 



Do I need to be experienced in Yoga?

No. We do not expect any level of knowledge or physical capabilities to be able to attend our classes. The postures are described in detail during each class. Newcomers are welcome in all classes, unless specified otherwise.



How often should I come to class?

Yoga can practiced daily unlike other forms of physical exercise. We recommend that you come 2-3 times a week to see tangible results. A higher frequency will give you results more quickly.



Will I lose weight? Will I get a cardiovascular workout?

Absolutely! With a regular practice, you can lose unwanted weight and reshape your body. Our clients have lost over 40 pounds in just a few months of practice.

Yes, you will get a cardiovascular workout. In fact, we recommend you wear a heart-rate monitor to be sure. Your average heart rate will be in the cardio range over the whole class. The maximum heart rate can exceed 170 at certain points in the class. However, unlike some other forms of cardio exercise, Hot Yoga does not hurt your joints in any way.



Why do I feel dizzy and/or nauseous when I practice?

You may feel dizziness or nausea due to many reasons including inadequate hydration, reduced level of sale and electrolytes in the blood, stress, and pregnancy, among others.

Nutritionists tell us to consume 64 - 80 ounces of water daily for a healthy body. Since you will lose water in the form of sweat, you should consider doubling the recommended intake. Also, replenish salt and electrolytes in natural form or dietary supplements.



What should I do after class?

Cool down. Drink plenty of water. REplenish electrolytes. Come back the next day, even if you're sore.